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The Amber Light
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
Big Brother & the Holding Co.
Arthur Brown
Pete Brown
Roger Chapman & the Shortlist
Colour Haze
Edgar Broughton Band
Electric Swan
Fantasyy Factoryy
Chris Farlowe
Fairport Convention
Final Virus
The Gathering
Ax Genrich
Guru Guru
Hamburg Blues Band
Axel Manrico Heilhecker
Herzberg Blues Allstars
Hidria Spacefolk
Lava 303
The Love Band
Korai öröm
The Magnificient Brotherhood
Manfred Mann's Earth Band
My Sleeping Karma
New Model Army
Ozric Tentacles
Pavlov's Dog
Psychedelic Monsterjam
Quantum Fantay
Uli Jon Roth
Sankt Otten
Siena Root
Sirqus Alfon
Soft Machine
Space Debris
Sunya Beat
Ten Years After
The Brew UK
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
The Great Deceivers
The Machine
The Pretty Things
Tito & Tarantula
Tribe after Tribe
Van der Graaf Generator
White Cowbell Oklahoma
Bernd Witthüser
Wicked Minds
Götz Widmann

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CD, 2013
Orange - TaThaTa

DLP. Orangefarbenes Vinyl, 140 gr. Pressung.
Burg Herzberg Festival - At The Festival

CD. Herzberg live mit exzellenten Aufnahmen von Tito & Tarantula, Eloy, The Hamburg Blues Band feat. Chris Farlowe & Mike Harrison, Vibravoid, Hidria Spacefolk, Der tiefe Raum, Weltraum, Freak City Band und den Strassenjungs!
Hidria Spacefolk - Live at Heart

LP. Multicoloured, lim. to 450 copies. Burg Herzberg Festival 2006. Just have a look at your landmap. The way from Finland to outer space is just as far as from Wales to there. Understand? Outstanding Suomi-Space-Sound.
Vibravoid live 2011

CD. Das ist der Ausbruch unbändiger Energie . . das sind Farben des Unterbewußten, das ist der Klang des Underground.. . das ist Revolution! Zweifellos waren Vibravoid - Düsseldorfs aufregenster Exportschlager und Europas Nr. 1 in Sachen Psychedelic und Acid Rock
Vibravoid live 2011

DLP. Green Vinyl - Sold out!
Ornah-Mental - The Maya Incident

2012 - No time to waste, denn diese Welt ist kostbar und unersetzlich. Wie auf "Heliopolis" steht ein kompakter, vielschichtiger Band-Sound aus Dub, Art'n Kraut-Rock, Worldmusic und Cosmic-Trance im Vordergrund. Viele Riffs und Soloteile verbinden sich mit unzähligen, geheimnisvollen Elementen aus dem Regenwald, mit Flöten und Trommeln der Maya und der Mariachis, und den Beschwörungen des Hohepriesters, aufgenommen auf einer Reise von OM-Percussionist Carsten Agthe. Verwoben, wie immer, im AmygdaLand Studio B 36, vom Web-Meister Dirk Schlömer.
LAVA 303 - The Goddess Rules

Die neue Platte von Conni Maly alias Lava 303 ist zu einem Meilenstein der "Acid Rock'n'Roll" Geschichte herangewachsen. Alles ist am Start der Rhythmus wo man mit muss und die geballte "Riot Girrrl-" Power von Connis Blues-infizierten Gitarrenspiel gepaart mit einem ordentlichen Schuß Elektropop, so das man nicht anders kann, man muss Lava 303 einfach lieben. Eine krass geile Scheibe, die Ihr euch unbedingt besorgen müsst.
Today Is A Good Day - live at the Burg Herzberg Festival

über 68 Minuten mit New Model Army, Electric Swan, The Brew, White Cowbell Oklahoma, Vibravoid, Ax Genrich, Krabat, Orange und Roger Chapman & the Shortlist
Vibravoid - live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2010

Das komplette Konzert! Über 100 Minuten - no Overdubs - keine Studiozauberei!
White Cowbell Oklahoma - Viva Live Locos (live 2006)

A chainsaw-revving masterpiece of the neo-southern rock genre!
One More Red Nightmare
A Tribute to King Crimson

Ein Jahr nach dem Vierzigjährigen der Band um Robert Fripp kommt ein Tribute-Album, das sicher als essenziell eingestuft werden darf.
Mit exklusivem Material von Ornah-Mental („The Talking Drum“), The Magnificent Brotherhood („I Talk To The Wind“), Fantasyy Factoryy („21st Century Schizoid Man“), The Great Deceivers („Starless“), Tuner („Industry“) uvm.
Fill Your Hearts with Joy and Love a Lot
Der neue Herzberg-Sampler mit Faust, Gong, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Motorpsycho, Arthur Brown, Edgar Broughton Band, Tribe after Tribe und Ornah-Mental. Alle Tracks bislang auf CD unveröffentlicht! Einmalige Auflage, limitiert und nummeriert.
Tribe after Tribe - live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2009
African acid rock at its best! Contains 27 min live-video!
Ornah-Mental - Heliopolis
Der fliegende Teppich trug Ornah-Mental von Berlin 36 (Testimony) über die Pyrenäen (Take time Out) bis nach Ägypten: Oriental Space Dub Rock fürs näxte Jahrzehnt.
Burg Herzberg Festival V
mit Fishmoon, Quantum Fantay, Korai Öröm, Lava 303, Ornah-Mental, Krabat, On Trial, Omigosh, Magnificient Brotherhood, Schizofrantik and Colour Haze.
Magnificient Brotherhood - Live at Burg Herzberg
"dynamische, clevere Garage-Psychs, die ihre Farfisa hudeln und die Gitarren fuzzen lassen nach bewährter Sixties-Art. So muß ein Festival-Tag zu Ende gehen", Rolling Stone, 09/08).
Colour Haze - Burg Herzberg Festival 18. Juli 2009
The complete concert on DCD of German's stoner-rock band no.1.
Korai Öröm - 2009
neustes Studio-Album der Supergruppe aus Ungarn im Big-Band-Format. Urban Tribe at its best!
Lava 303 - wunderbare Electrofrau - technoid, gitarrenlastig, balkanisch, feministisch, politisch, einzigartisch . . . Studio-CD.
Schizofrantik - live
CD. Herzberg Konzert 2006!
A sunday morning service for agile atheists. With Frank Zappa helping out as priest. Does the dog always know what he's eating? No yellow snow that's all that matters.
krabat - waiting for the next big thing
CD. A renaissance of Renaissance and renaissance meets prog. But this renaissance took place in Hesse, Germany. Sane insane.
Bröselmaschine - live
With Bröselmaschine one of the first and most famous German bands from the '60s is back! But not on a sentimental journey through the past: it's a high energy trip even when the electric storm calms down. You will feel fine even if you're a stoned fan - or just because.
P.S. Imcludes on "Roadrunner" Germany's highly acclaimed comedian Helge Schneider, a member since 1974.
Contains not only their complete Herzberg performance but a concert for the TVShow "Rockpalast" and pieces from a gig in hometown Duisburg.
Bröselmaschine - live
DVD. The complete Herzberg performance 2006 plus 30 min. Live Material with Helge Schneider and 27 min. interviews.
Omigosh - Rainbows On My Blue Suede Shoes
Booked for Herzberg 2007 were the psychedelic Welsh legend MAN. for different reasons their three-man miniature edition Omigosh fest. Martin Ace entered the stage! And what went on could have also been a gig in your smoke-filled favorite pub. Just imagine "Wooly Bully" followed by "Foxy Lady". Really cookin'!
Quantum Fantay - From Herzberg to Living Room
DCD, 104 min.. The complete festival concert of 2007. Instrumental space rock of highest quality. Dancing drums, floating flute, singing synth, bouncing bass, glistering guitar create a calm sky above a hectic earth.
Live at Hof Huhnstadt, 36287 Breitenbach
Presents a tremendous journey through the Herzberg Festival past from 2005 to 2007, featuring such internationally famous classics as Manfred Mann' Earth Band, Colosseum, Van der Graaf Generator as well as German primary rock Kraan or 60's songwriter Bernd Witthüser and many more. On it, too, is Pavlov's Dog's only live track "Golden Nuggets". Enjoy the bands, you won't be dissappointed. Check playlist!
with Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Pavlov's Dog, Colosseum, Pete Brown, . . .
Areknames - Live at the Burg Herzberg Festival 2007
Under the spell of novelty – they themselves said so. A lot of new songs performed there for the first time. Dreamy, experimental, rocking chopped up sunpeace.
Quantum Fantay - Agapanthusterra
Studio album from 2007 which got what it takes to become a classic. Highly recommended for enthusiasts of instrumental prog rock with dissapated flowing parts. Listen to „Trip Escape“!
Space Debris - Into the Sun
The concert on DVD.
Space Debris - Into the Sun
Over those sonic mountains with your never waiting electric friends and constsntly driven along by Lorna's vibrator you jam-bang into the sun. What will you find there? Whales or the debris of humble small faces? Anyway, just kick it!
Berimbrown - Irmandade
CD with jewelcase or digipack. Live from Europe Tour 2007. They're from Brazil and somebody said it's like James Brown at the Rio Carneval. The integrate the most different styles along the historical path of Africa to the Carrebean and on to the States eyed from a Brazilian point of view. Really funky and groovin'.
Ornah-Mental - Take time Out
Dirk Schlömer of Germany's most important political rock band of late sixties/early seventies. Slide your vision to paradise! Move your heart to the sky!
Hidria Spacefolk - Live at Heart
Burg Herzberg Festival 2006. Just have a look at your landmap. The way from Finland to outer space is just as far as from Wales to there. Understand? Outstanding Suomi-Space-Sound.
Fishmoon - Two Moon Music
Axel M. Heilhecker with his new studio album. The medication is heavy jazzy mediation. A category of its own. Sniff it! Miles away from . . .
Wicked Minds - Live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2006
Double album. From Italy in best Uriah Heep tradition. Full and heavy with helicopterlike guitars and keyboard, violently frenzy.
Wicked Minds - Live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2006
CD. From Italy in best Uriah Heep tradition. Full and heavy with helicopterlike guitars and keyboard, violently frenzy.
Electric Milkandhoneyland
The third sampler of the "Europe's biggest and greatest and grandest hippie festival" (it's more!) includes all you want: from Brazilian heavy funk via Spacerock and German free-rap-funk-drumbeat to the legendary westcoast sound of the Love Band (yes, it's Love minus Arthur Lee, but one of the most extraordinary Herzberg performances I've ever seen.) You get what you want, see play list!
With: Hidria Spacefolk, Berimbrown, The Love Band, Bröselmaschine, Götz Widmann, Orange, W.I.N.D., Wicked Minds, Space Debris and Sunya Beat!
W.I.N.D. - "Un"Official Bootleg - Burg Herzberg 2005
Europe's jam-rock-band no.1! The best canned you've ever heard since; but don't get me wrong . . . they're originally great!
Sunya Beat - comin soon
Axel M. Heilhecker, Harald Grosskopf and Steve Baltes for the first time live! Double album. Concert Herzberg Festival 2000 (including the bonus track Voodoo Chile).
Sunya Beat - comin soon
CD, digipack. In the beginning there was Spirit, then came structure followed by improvisation. Skies unlimited.
Burg Herzberg Festival 2006
The Traditional Hippie Convention again with a representive selection of the European-wide highly acclaimed 2006 event. Just have a look at the exquisite line-up, that outstanding mixture of "old" masters and "young" students (most of them allready graduated) and you'll know you'll get the best. And that's no aggeration!
Rockpalast of 2006 + 90 min. Herzberg Blues Allstars featuring The Hamburg Blues Band, Chris Farlowe, Clem Clempson, Pete Brown, Mike Harrison and others on 2 DVDs.
Burg Herzberg Festival 2005
Remember? Every guest enhanced our party. Along came Lucky Man with the Little Schoolgirl: Stephanie knows who! Even the Mighty Quinn was Coming Home After Dark escorted by the Hang Man. Lose Yourself in your memories. To be continued.
DVD with Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Ten Years After, Tito & Tarantula, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Ozric Tentacles, Love, Jane, IQ, Siena Root, The Amber Light and W.I.N.D. 120 min in Dolby 5.1., recorded in HD-TV.
Chormusik aus Südafrika.
Benefiz-CD von und für einen Chor aus KwaZulu/Natal (Südafrika)